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Novatec — One of the largest suppliers of plastics auxiliary equipment in the industry. Novatec offers the largest selection of plastics dryers, including desiccant bed, desiccant wheel, compressed air/membrane, vacuum and infrared dryers. Novatec’s selection of vacuum conveying equipment for plastic pellets, plastics powders and plastics regrind is unmatched. The complete line of Maguire blenders is marketed under the Novatec brand. http://www.novatec.com

Novatec Downstream Extrusion — The Bessemer Line of Rotary Knife Cutters, Servo Cutters, Belt Pullers, and Cooling & Sizing Tanks. http://www.novatec.com

Shibaura Machine Company — Full range of high precision hydraulic and electric injection molding machines from 5 to 5500 tons. Including ultra high speed, double wide platen, and dual injection unit molding machines. All Shibaura injection molding machines feature optical linear scales for clamp and injection position, Injectvisor™ V30 and V50 controls with Moldlyzer™, SPC package, on-board diagnostics and much more to enhance your molding operation. http://www.shibaura-machine.com

Sepro America — Range of robots (from 20T to 5000T): Efficient technology for each of your automation projects from Simple Pick & Place to complete automation of your Manufacturing process. http://www.sepro-group.com

MGS Multi-Shot — The MGS Mfg Group is a leading provider of design, engineering, tooling, qualification, process development, and production of multi-shot (also known as two shot, two component, multi component, multi inject, over molding, multi material, etc.) plastic injection molded parts/products. http://www.multishot.com

MAGUIRE — Since the first Weigh Scale Blender was manufactured in 1989, Maguire has installed over 35,000 Weigh Scale Blenders world wide. 3 out 4 gravimetric blenders purchased are manufactured by Maguire Products. Over 76 models are available with rates up to 10,000#/hour. All blenders and feeders are covered by a 5 year warranty. http://www.maguire.com

American Kuhne (Michigan/Ohio only) — Manufacturer of high technology extrusion machinery and systems available from 3/4” to 12” diameters. Complete turnkey sheet, blown film, tubing, are developed, tested and manufactured in the USA. https://www.americankuhne.com

Frigel — The Ecodrygel liquid cooler represents the most efficient, clean, safe and affordable machine to deal with any process requiring water cooling in the range of temperatures between 5 & 35 degrees C (40-95 degrees F), taking advantage of the ambient temperature and without the utilization of compressors. The Ecodrygel operates in a closed circuit with no evaporation of process water. The innovative adiabatic system (Frigel World Wide Patent) allows the cooler to operate in any kind of environmental conditions. http://www.frigel.com

Delta T Systems, Inc. — Manufactures water and oil Temperature Control Equipment, as well as, portable air and water cooled chillers. Full line of system solutions is available in many sizes to fit all process needs, with temperature control ranges from 20°F (-7°C) up to 650°F (343°C). American made high quality units are competitively priced and will perform to spec for a wide variety of industries and applications. http://www.deltatsys.com

LaRos — Part Handling Conveyors Since 1968, LaRos Equipment Company has manufactured an extensive line of parts handling automation equipment, from individual units to custom designed units as well as complete systems for total plant automation. http://www.laros.com

Zerma — Founded over 70 years ago, Zerma is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality size reduction equipment. Zerma supplies beside-the-press, medium, central grinders and large size reduction that includes shredders and pulverizer systems. https://zerma-america.com

Tecnomagnete (Michigan only)— For 35 years, Tecnomagnete has manufactured and developed a wide range of permanent-electro magnetic systems with high performances, flexibility and total safety. The Quadsystem technology - Tecnomagnete patent - is the unquestionable reference in magnetic workholding and material handling field. http://www.tecnomagnete.com/en/

Eaglematic — Has made its name by creating innovative, futuristic, technology driven automation for lean manufacturing. The company's 50-year history of innovation for In-Line fabrication extends from plastics, rubber and aluminum extrusions to stainless and mild steel and aluminum roll-formed profiles. If your process requires In-Line & On-the-Fly punching & sawing, think Eaglematic. http://www.eaglematic.com

IMCS, Inc. — From traditional bulk solids to Regulated Medical Waste, IMCS designs, manufactures, and implements Material Handling Solutions.

SCHAKE — Our aluminum silos provide a maintenance free vessel that provides a contamination free environment with no rusting or flaking, and it is water tight. Standard features include: a pre-fabricated roof with access hatch, roof vent, perimeter guard rail with safety toe board and railing, vacuum receiver mounting flange, truck-fill nipple, high and low indicator mounts, mounting flange for the slide gate shutoff, and a fully enclosed weather-proofed vented silo skirt with a louvered access door. www.schakesilo.com

Starlinger — State-of-The-Art Recycling Technology. Innovation paired with user-friendliness, worldwide service, production scrap and post-consumer waste, wide range of applications. http://www.starlinger.com

Intec TST (Technical Sales Team)— Was created to provide our customers a level of technical expertise unmatched in the Plastics Industry. Intec TST has ability to monitor and evaluate Plastic process to help our customers maximize the potential of their equipment.
Contact: Bob Cooper